Sunday, November 9, 2014

somewhere over the rainbow

Just realized it has been some time I never blog about my recent life. well, too much of changes over the passed one year, but to me it is a good thing. one thing that I proud for myself is I live more happy now.
"when you can put down the passed, you only can move forward." which I had experienced it, although the process is not easy, tough and persistence are needed. but most importantly is know what I want in life. either continue with no ending or cut it off and move forward for a new life. Had spend enough to struggle for a uncertain relationship that bring me to no where.
I believe there is always passers-by in one's person life, and they are not going to spend the rest of life with you. perhaps they are just can become friend.
sometimes we just holding too much on the passed. when things change, people change, means it is the time to wake up. what actually needed just courage, not to fear of losing someone in life, because there will be someone better waiting out there.
god is always fair, when he had closed your door, he will open the window for you.
family & best friends supports definitely are part of reason where my courage come from. Thanks for always be my side when I need your shoulder, your hugs. I m blessed that those who still loving me no matter what, when or where.
Tonight, accidentally get to know this song, which I'm listening now.. "somewhere over the rainbow" and found it romantic as when thinking of how big is the world and two people think of each other. hah. sounds stupid but I believe it could be happen :) off to bed soon. good night and have a good day tomorrow. Cheers~ ^.*

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


今天突然有感而发想用华语来写.最近听了一首很很触动内心的歌《好久不见》 杨永聪因为这首歌而一炮而红。
里头的歌词 很生活化
但那个词的意思 是即使再怎么样 两个人也回不到从前
只能说一句 好久不见
见面只能淡然一笑 勉强的问候吧

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Australia Trip- Part 2 ^^

Apart from the city, i been to few travel points which are worth to get yourself there at least once in a life time :) Here come to Grampian~ which is far away from the city. definitely, i was mesmerized by the awesome's surrounded by mountains and rocks, and i was just so tiny when standing on the top of view.. suddenly, the first thinking pop up in my mind " The world is super big~ and there is a lot more to explore, and a lot of stuffs are waiting for me to be complete, it is just a beginning :)
The breathtaking view from Grampian & Grand canyon.

The Grand canyon, Australia.
Great Ocean Road~ due to weather super cold and a bit cloudy on that day, cannot take a sun shining photo..Aiks..
twele apostle - one of the great historical view
A visit to wild life; me, feeding the only white kangaroo, it's so clean and beautiful.
camwhore with coala bear! my first hug, it's fur super thick and so smooth to touch. cute dao ^@^ worth for money..LOL (hugs fee 18 AUD ; not included with entrance fee)so expensive for one hug!
At night, we went to waterfront and i was so luckily enough, because there are fireworks on that particular night. i was stunning with the perfect romance environment! yuhooo~~
here we go~ fish market, but not only selling fish here, a lot of other seafood are available as well.
besides that, there are also food stalls with mostly western food. we had ordered fish fillet with fries, fresh oyster and unagi as our breakfst!
This is my fist time having breakfast under hot sun! but seems like their people very much enjoy! ~.~
The following schedule in details i think i have forgotten,LOL. but there is one awesome experience i ever had which still fresh in my mind.haha..guess what??
yeah~ sand boarding at port stephen ^^
The sunlight is super hot, but luckily the wind is cold and yet the sand.
The sand here very soft and smooth, if i did bring small bottle will surely take some back as souvenirs! hehe
Last day! had visited to some other tourist places, unluckily i cnt really remember the name ~,~ just photo to tell the story..
Last breakfast in australia~ this is very big satisfaction!
p/s : before end my journey,there are some special and sweet moment to share here---> one of it is the damn delicious macaroon!heard that this is the most famous macaroon shop!definitely,it's super yummy and the taste just unforgettable. but it's very expensive too! 3AUD per pc! means that is equal to about RM10/pc ! wowwww~
tempting macaroon :p a must try snack~
another unforgettable moment is the ballet dance in opera house~ no doubt it's a great experience for me! i bet i will come back again for more show ;D
One of the performance are all dancers with naked body, i think for Asian not everyone can accept, but for them it is such an artistic performance! salute!
is too bad that no clear photo to show because there is no photo snapping allow, so i took secretly without flash~haha
Here end my journey~ did enjoy and have a lot fun here! it's so memorable and definitely i will come back again~~~~~ bye Australia~ c u next round ~,~

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Australia Trip -- part 1 ~.~

tonight, i just finally free myself at home, listening song and surfing for internet, suddenly think of my blog! ouch~ i cant remember my last post is since how long already! sigh~ always wanted to blog about Australia trip on April but just let my laziness drag until today..okay,i will make it short & clear~ maybe those little incidents me myself also can't remember clearly. haha.. here start the journey! i wanted to go since long long time ago, and finally i make it! i make myself there~ the feeling just...such...yesss!, i make it! and no doubt this is the first time i travel to such a beautiful country. one things that i fall in love to that country is the weather, the temperature lowest is 10 celsius and highest also 19 degree celsius; can say that it's cooling for my whole journey. the first day i arrive melbourne. it's 530am if i not mistaken. my first breakfast just settle in mcD. The meal cost me ard 10AUD! wow~ so expensive McD i ever had! LOL
After have meet up friend and she bring me and another close buddy to have a walk in the city. thanks for being the tour guide :)
street performance is very common in melbourne, and the singer usually good looking as well because usually they need to go through audition before they can get perform :)
i love their building so much~
After that we just have our chinese dim sum as lunch, the most famous dim sum restaurant in melbourne! but unluckily, it's not nice for me and still feel that Malaysia dim sum nicer. LOL. in order to compensate the unsatisfied meal, we went for dessert. and this really cheers me~ yay!
Mocha @ Brunetti~
flourless dark chocolate cake (forgot it's real name)

we walk around the city~ here are some photos :D

the weather just nice to be seated open air with a cup of coffee or tea >,<

special cafe with chairs hanging on the top

The next day, Yarra Valley
Some cheese and chocolate cookies are selling here (it's all about organic and natural).
Due to can't resist to chocolate, i have tried one piece of the cookies, it's just melt in my mouth for the first bite!damn nice!

My lunch, Sous vide Salmon salad.

Finally come to the oldest market in melbourne~ Queen Victoria market. say hi to the sunshine yet it's still that cool!
it's not only a market with fresh vegetables and fruit,different food stalls as well,but also selling a lots of stuff, like bags, clothes,souvenirs and etc.
have tried the American dougnut that selling inside a small van!a lots of people is queuing up(i guess this will be the famous snack in the market :p)in fact it taste special with strawberry filling ~,~

wah,unconsciously is 12am now, got to sleep or else tomorrow gona be late to office.. more to come in Part 2~ stay tune =) good night & have a sweet dream~

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


终于明白 失去方向的感觉
我到底还可以撑多久 :(

Wednesday, January 30, 2013